This Is Just The Beginning – Video Games

Video games used to be the deep dark secret you kept under wraps in fear that girls would never speak to you if you ever dared mention the hours you’ve put into Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer in their intoxicating presence.

One of the more nerdy hobbies/lifestyles you could possibly divulge in, besides perhaps the culture defying dungeons and dragons.

Video games to some degree still occupy the space of embarrassment in our lives. Unlikely to openly talk about how much you play video games, or how many you play, or how much you like the ones you do play, as much as say some people openly talk about their hobbies such as football, cooking, property development etc.

Backwards as this is, since football is more maddening than playing any video game in my mind (drinking every weekend just to get angry/upset because the team you support lost, again), it still doesn’t make much sense to me that we hide behind our hobby of playing video games. Especially since they’re the largest entertainment medium on the planet.

More revenue is produced from the video game industry than from any other entertainment industry. In 2018 the gaming industry produced just over $134 billion, compared to the box office’s $41.7 billion.

The film industry as a whole, including home entertainment, summed to a total of $136 billion, but let’s highlight the fact that the game industry revenue figure comes from the sales of games, consoles, software and micro-transactions.

It does include the revenue produced by e-sports and twitch streaming. Because of this, I think it’s fair to say that at the very least, video games have broken into the mainstream. Big time.

These facts illustrate the wonderment as to why the majority of society still don’t really see video games as a time-fulfilling, real and understandable/relatable hobby.

It depends in what social space you exist in of course as to whether gaming is seen as these things or not, but it seems that video games are quietly yet ferociously becoming the choice of entertainment across the board for people all over the world.

You might not have the groups of lads talking about their weekend of playing Anthem in the same way that they talk about Manchester United winning on Saturday, or how blowing up strippers in GTA V with a flying car was ‘awesome’, but I think we’re seeing more and more people slowly accept the mantra that playing video games is fine. And that actually, people may be beginning to realise something that gamers have known since the dawn of our time.

Video games are pretty cool.


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