TGO Show #11 – Virtual E3 Is Here – Ish

J and Nic, as always, have a lot to talk about this week ladies and gentlemen. Not least of which is the future vision of the TGO Show, a FUN FACT about Assassin’s Creed, TECH TIME with gaming laptops, and the arrival of our first virtual E3 show….kind of. Autobots……..roll out.

TGO Show #11 Thumbnail

Time Stamps:

00:06:28- The TGO Show Vision

00:13:26 – WHWBP

00:31:10 – NEWS

00:34:23 – NEWS – No Mans Sky Coming to Gamepass

00:39:01 – NEWS – Xbox Doing More Backwards Compatible Games

00:42:24 – NEWS – All E3-like Virtual Summer Events

01:13:37 – NEWS – Kingdom Hearts 3 TV Show Being Developed

01:18:00 – NEWS – Ghost of Tsushima Has Difficult Fights

01:25:17 – FUN FACT

01:28:16 – TECH TIME – Gaming Laptops

01:41:00 – DEBATE – Games leaving positive and negative experiences on you

01:57:35 – WWWBP

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