TGO Show #12 – Is Death Stranding Worth Playing?

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at episode 12 of the TGO Show. And what a show it is. J has finished Death Stranding and finally gives the verdict of whether Nick should play it or not. We dive into the NEWS of every confirmed next-gen game. On Creed Cast we talk about the biggest failings of the franchise, as well as the time and places we want to visit the most in future installments. And a brand new game – GUESS WHO’S REVIEW. Hey siri, play the TGO Show.

TGO Show #12 Thumbnail

Time stamps:

00:06:40 – J Finished Death Stranding

00:22:50 – Nick is still playing…

00:26:00 – Finishing a DEBATE

00:28:00 – PlayStation 1st Party Crossovers

00:38:00 – NEWS – Virtual Showcase Delays

00:43:40 – OPINION – Assassin’s Creed Has Failed Its Best Idea –

00:58:58 – NEWS – Kojima Pitch Rejected

01:08:50 – NEWS – Every Announced Next-Gen Game

01:54:18 – RANDOM – Time and Places We Want for Future AC Games


02:23:00 – OUTRO…

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