TGO Show #15 – Old Dog, New Tricks

Your friendly neighbourhood Nic and the Goldilocks gamer J, as always, have a lot to talk about this week. It’s an especially busy week because of the NEWS of Crash 4, the Cyberpunk Night City event, and an equivalent Avengers breakdown. We not only cover all of that, but discuss why NAUGHTY DOG is one of the best game developers – possibly the GOAT. We DEBATE whether gamers are loyal to developers the same way film fans are loyal to Directors or Writers, and GUESS WHO’S REVIEW!!! WE’LL BE BACK.

TGO Show #15 Thumbnail

Time stamps:

00:04:35 – what goldilock’s been playing

00:16:05 – what friendly neighbourhood nic’s been playing 

00:18:08 – NEWS – crash 4

00:29:25 – NEWS – avengers galore

00:42:03 – NEWS – new rhythm-action kingdom hearts game

00:44:44 – NEWS – pokemon unite

00:50:58 – NEWS – first cyberpunk ‘night city’ event

01:02:40 – NEWS – ea doubling down on star wars games

01:09:48 – NEWS – squadrons cross-play

01:15:59 – NEWS – rocksteady suicide squad rumour

01:24:33 – CELEBRATE – naughty dog

01:32:26 – DEBATE – loyalty to a developer


01:47:28 –  wwwbp

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