TGO Show #17 – Gaming in the Fast Lane

As Goldilocks gamer J begins to prepare for the rest of this year’s games, friendly neighbourhood Nic polishes Bounty of Blood. We have another news-heavy week – gaming news is good NEWS, and we talk about DRIVING GAMES and our history with them. For you OG Xbox fans we take our first HISTORY DIP in a while with Fable, GUESS WHOS REVIEW and more. Always more.

TGO Show #17 Thumbnail

Time stamps:

00:02:50 – wwhbp

00:24:23 – NEWS – xbox’s most important show coming soon

00:31:45 – NEWS – xbox looking at buying wb interactive

00:39:40 – NEWS – ac valhalla leaked gameplay

00:51:35 – NEWS – final fantasy 7 remake park 2 delay – covid19

00:56:45 – NEWS – fallout tv show

01:01:55 – NEWS – squadrons details

01:05 :52 – NEWS – activision-bungie relationship not good from the start

01:09:43 – FUN FACT

01:12:30 – DRIVING GAMES

01:36:05 – GUESS WHOS REVIEW -j’s turn

01:43:38 – HISTORY DIP – fable

01:55:20 – wwwbp

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