TGO Show #18 – Our Summer Gaming Plans

Important update on Nic’s half – he platinumed Part II. In the meantime, J has been pumping himself up for Ghost of Tsushima. Oh, and you get J’s first impression before the NEWS this week. Don’t worry, we break down the UBISOFT FORWARD event as well, and J provides some more FUN FACTS, TECH TIME on our lack of external hardrives, and our plans this year for SUMMER GAMING. Mmmmmwah.

TGO Show #18 Thumbnail


00:05:05 – wwhbp


00:43:55 – NEWS –

00:47:15 – NEWS – sony increasing ps5 production

00:52:00 – NEWS – sony acquired minority stake in epic

00:56:50 – FUN FACTS

01:04:48 – REACTION – ghost of tsushima reviews

01:10:17 – SUMMER GAMING 2020

01:14:45 – TECH TIME – our lack of hard drives / hard drives 4 next gen

01:19:24 – GUESS WHOS REVIEW – nic’s turn

01:32:33 – wwwbp

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