TGO Show #20 – Is PS4 the Best PlayStation?

From our favourite TOP 3 Rockstar games to a DEBATE about the PS4 being the best PlayStation that’s ever lived, we have it all here on the TGO Show. Well, most of it. Maybe a good portion. Half? Some of the total. A little. Whatever we have, we hope you enjoy. Don’t worry, there’s plenty in the NEWS and GUESS WHOS REVIEW – we’re just joking about the lack of substance. Ish.

TGO show 20 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:01:38 – wwhbp

00:08:44 – ps plus can go to hell

00:15:57 – OPINION – will we miss loading screens?

00:24:12 – NEWS – halo infinite multiplayer is free / 120fps

00:30:55 – NEWS – gabe says xbox is better

00:36:50 – NEWS – cuphead comes to ps4

00:39:44 – NEWS – pro-skater 1 / 2 remake songs

00:42:29 – NEWS – warhammer licensing for future games

00:47:01 – NEWS – new call of duty name leaked

00:53:17 – eternal sunshine of the spotless game

01:00:57 – LIST – our top 3 favourite rockstar games

01:24:42 – DEBATE – is ps4 the best playstation?

01:31:46 – GUESS WHOS REVIEW – nic’s turn

01:35:53 – wwwbp

This is the pic which Nic and J gush over towards the end of the show:

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