TGO Show #22 – HYPE is Building

Nic and J have decided to change the show for the better. We hope you agree, it is better. In general, we’re just getting hyped about next-gen. BRING IT ON BABY!!!


time stamps:

00:00:00 – intro / j’s strategy following guides

00:08:28 – cyberpunk 2077 hype

00:10:41 – rocksteady’s announced their game (finally)

00:18:24 – xsx

00:19:36 – next-gen jitters

00:25:30 – dirt 5 delay

00:30:28 – rogue company v valorant

00:34:49 – the daunting odyssey and games as a sport

00:44:42 – part ii grounded mode / permadeath / funky modes

00:51:04 – debating open-world game design

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