TGO Show #25 – We’re In The Endgame Now

J is playing the endgame of Avengers as we speak, and that is a fascinating topic to discuss. We did miss a couple of things last week but fortunately, we can quickly discuss some important news whenever it drops (or if we forget) because this weekly show is in fact, weekly. And with that, welcome all to one of the busiest shows we’ve ever done.

tgo show 25

time stamps:

00:02:34 – waking up early for gaming

00:05:10 – gotham knights not arkham universe

00:07:28 – cod: cold war

00:12:33 – games to finish before next-gen

00:16:47 – pennywise not riddler

00:18:39 – nic checked black myth

00:22:04 – borderlands 3 – dlc 4 trailer

00:32:54 – j assembles the avengers

01:09:15 – gamescom games

01:24:13 – new xbox dashboard

01:27:24 – cyberpunk dlc plans

01:30:35 – guess whos review – nic

01:37:22 – wwwbp

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