TGO Show #26 – It’s About Damn Time

BOY did we have a lot to talk about this week. We FINALLY know the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 prices and release dates, though there is much skepticism on the PS5 pre-order front. There was a Ubisoft Forward in addition to that, a PS5 event, and, well you get the idea.

TGO show 26 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:06:54 – next-gen is coming (and we know when and how much)

00:24:26 – avengers update

00:25:32 – cod: cold war alpha

00:27:18 – latest night city wire

00:29:55 – monster hunter rise

00:33:30 – doom: eternal / destiny 2

00:35:46 – borderlands 3 updates

00:41:12 – kena delayed

00:47:57 – ubisoft forward

01:02:58 – nic doesn’t know what among us is

01:05:04 – observer system redux launch title series x

01:05:19 – ps5 showcase

01:28:12 – wwwbp

01:33:59 – guess whos review – j’s turn

01:40:33 – how will we afford next-gen

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