TGO Show #27 – Bethesda Resurrects Xbox

BIGGEST. NEWS. EVER. Xbox bought Zenimax Media, and we think a lot about next-gen and what we want/need from it. Exciting times my friends.

TGO show 27 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:02:58 – destiny 2 thoughts

00:05:43 – next-gen hype

00:20:07 – pros and cons for our next-gen

00:30:00 – xbox buys zenimax

00:39:02 – new-gen tech risks

00:41:44 – wwhbp

00:46:26 – cyberpunk 2077 campaign shorter than witcher 3

00:58:35 – series x additional storage

01:02:08 – guess whos review – nics turn

01:05:53 – wwwbp

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