TGO Show #28 – Memorable Launch Games

There is still a lot of uncertainty around pre-orders for next-gen at the moment. So while we ponder from the sidelines and talk about what our next few weeks will look like gaming wise, J and Nic discuss memorable launch titles. Which, I’ve gotta be honest, is an awesome topic.

TGO show 28 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:01:25 – nic bought an ethernet cable

00:02:25 – pre-orders still chaos

00:04:17 – xbox series x impressions (from others)

00:14:26 – are we gonna play outriders?

00:15:19 – cyberpunk crunchhhh

00:26:33 – crash 4 is looking goooooooooood

00:28:34 – squadrons

00:33:54 – dirt 5

00:37:04 – genshin impact

00:41:34 – avengers update

00:46:43 – wwhbp

00:51:01 – j forgets what he put on the doc

00:52:54 – diablo 4 endgame

00:55:06 – ps plus / xbox live free games

01:05:10 – memorable launch games

01:12:59 – guess whos review (we forget whos go it is)

01:15:48 – wwwbp

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