TGO Show #29 – Remembering the PlayStation

J and Nic go through more NEWS stories this week than a sheep eats grass, but that’s okay ladies and gentlemen  because we take some time out to remember one of the most important game consoles of all-time. The original, the first, the one that began it all (kind of). The PlayStation.

show 29 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:02:00 – genshin impact talk

00:05:03 – J plays skyrim

00:09:10 – cyberpunk night city wire 4 / game gone gold

00:15:03 – ghost of tsushima dlc here

00:17:18 – nic started fallout 76

00:25:39 – ruffian games acquired by rockstar

00:27:08 – avengers studio head thinks players will return

00:30:53 – outriders delayed

00:32:26 – ffxvi finished ‘basic development’

00:34:14 – squadrons getting no post-launch content

00:36:22 – borderlands 3 season pass 2 announcement

00:43:04 – ps5 ui and breakdown

00:49:38 – xbox series launch line-up

00:56:26 – remembering the playstation

01:13:39 – guess whos review – nic’s turn

01:19:11 – wwwbp

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