TGO Show #30 – Remembering the PS2 + Original Xbox

Nic’s laptop broke, or so he thought, hence the delay in show N0. 30. Still, some interesting news stories to discuss as we patiently wait for the launch of next-gen and decide what we want to play in the meantime.

TGO show 30 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:01:30 – hideo kojima working on a new game

00:04:57 – sucker punch potentially working on ghost sequel

00:08:10 – dlc being announced / ac valhalla dlc

00:19:25 – halo: mcc update

00:21:53 – j got a new tv

00:24:27 – destiny 2 milestone for tgo

00:27:12 – what is j playing before cyberpunk?

00:31:37 – selling our xbox ones

00:35:05 – remembering the playstation 2 and original xbox

01:03:02 – guess whos review – js turn

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