TGO Show #31 – Remembering the 360 + PS3

The impossible has happened. Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed…again. Now, we ponder what the reality of November 10th (Xbox Day) looks like for J and Nic, alongside realising just how strong the 360/PS3 generation was as we look back on the best games of that generation. Valhalla is now the key launch title, but will we get a Series X before Xmas? See what I did there…

TGO show 31 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:07:12 – pre-orders and console availability

00:12:59 – SHOCK – cyberpunk delayed

00:21:49 – watch dogs: legion is out / microtransactions

00:24:52 – genshin 1.1 & j’s unique preferences for games

00:28:21 – nic selling his xbox one story

00:41:43 – nic trying to bridge the gap between next-gen

00:44:52 – j’s unique preferences for games part two (nic played vampyr)

00:49:54 – NEWS – xbox runs us through new ui

00:52:41 – NEWS – jim ryan talks ps4 support post-ps5

00:55:56 – NEWS – more bethesda speculation

00:58:57 – NEWS – ffxvi details whaaaaaaaat

01:04:47 – NEWS – halo: infinite lead replaced

01:06:38 – GUESS WHOS REVIEW – nics turn

01:12:28 – remembering the best generation there ever was

01:38:46 – wwwbp

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