TGO Show #33 – Xbox Sold Em’ All

For better or worse, Nic didn’t get a Series X, and it isn’t looking like he’ll get one before Christmas. But that’s okay. And even better, the Mass Effect remaster finally got announced. Rejoice for J as he plays the most anticipated games of the year in the next few weeks on his brand new Xbox and his new TV he’s worked hard to have at launch!

TGO show 33 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:01:24 – js new xbox plans

00:04:04 – nic didn’t get a series x

00:13:25 – cyberpunk reaffirmed for new release date

00:17:26 – mass effect trilogy remaster announced

00:21:20 – new mass effect in the works

00:29:34 – ps5 default subtitles on settings

00:31:05 – take two acquires codemasters

00:36:24 – false rumours about new consoles

00:41:11 – genshin 1.1 update

00:42:37 – rumors on ac: valhalla length/polish

00:43:49 – godfall timedps5 exclusive

00:45:49 – going back to the 360

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