TGO Show #34 – Next-Gen Hype Dead

An exciting time my friends. J gives us his first impressions of the Series X and Valhalla, and we discuss the, frankly, ancient games that Nic has been playing in the meantime. Question is, has the hype already gone for next-gen?

thumbnail 34

time stamps:

00:00:44 – js impressions of the series x

00:09:28 – series x supply meets demand maybe q2 2021

00:15:26 – valhalla thoughts

00:30:32 – quick resume

00:31:47 – launch titles reactions

00:38:29 – next-gen hype dead?

00:45:19 – custom ps5 plates

00:48:00 – nic playing 360 games

00:58:45 – cyberpunk console comparisons

01:00:41 – ghost of tsushima commercial success

01:08:02 – guess whos review – nics turn

01:12:00 – wwwbp

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