TGO Show #36 – The Calm Before The Robots

A lot of you out there are waiting for something. Waiting for something which you thought was inevitable, and yet, it disappeared from your reach over and over. Until now, where a few days from writing, J, and millions of you around the world will finally play… Cyberpunk 2077.

TGO show 36 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:02:05 – update on the tgo show

00:05:19 – bioware leaders leave

00:16:22 – genshin update

00:22:51 – update on what nics been playing

00:24:51 – how j has helped how nic play games

00:31:58 – j update on valhalla

00:33:30 – cyberpunk – everything cyberpunk

00:37:38 – would we stream single-player games?

00:42:47 – xbox series x update – addressing issues

00:50:42 – guess whos review – nics turn

00:57:58 – wwwbp

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