TGO Show #38 – Memorable Xbox Exclusives?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment. So Nic takes this opportunity to speak to J (someone who has completed his first playthrough of the game) to clarify how bad exactly the Series X version is from his perspective. In the meantime, Nic platinumed Ghost of Tsushima, and we go through the games to keep an eye on revealed at the Game Awards.

TGO show 38 thumbnail

time stamps:

00:01:00 – j finished cyberpunk 2077

00:39:15 – ea outbid taketwo for codemasters

00:44:07 – cyberpunk easter eggs

00:45:39 – valhalla fixes and updates

00:48:13 – nic platinumed ghost of tsushima

01:01:06 – part 2 winning at the game awards

01:04:58 – game awards interesting games

01:08:55 – the great xbox failure (interlude)

01:38:40 – uk parliament looking at criminalising scalpers

01:42:18 – guess whos review – nics turn

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