TGO Show #12 – Is Death Stranding Worth Playing?

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen, at episode 12 of the TGO Show. And what a show it is. J has finished Death Stranding and finally gives the verdict of whether Nick should play it or not. We dive into the NEWS of every confirmed next-gen game. On Creed Cast we talk about the biggest failings of the franchise, as well as the time and places we want to visit the most in future installments. And a brand new game – GUESS WHO’S REVIEW. Hey siri, play the TGO Show.

TGO Show #11 – Virtual E3 Is Here – Ish

J and Nic, as always, have a lot to talk about this week ladies and gentlemen. Not least of which is the future vision of the TGO Show, a FUN FACT about Assassin’s Creed, TECH TIME with gaming laptops, and the arrival of our first virtual E3 show….kind of. Autobots……..roll out.

TGO Show #9 – J and Nick Adore Odyssey

Welcome to the biggest TGO Show yet. Amongst the NEWS that there’s many summer festival virtual gaming events coming soon, REACTIONS to some surprising remakes from Activision, and an impressive Unreal Engine 5 demo, J and Nick have been busy falling in love with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.

TGO Show #8 – We’re Fed Up Gaming

J and Nick have been suffering from a lack of desire to play video games. It’s time for a break. Alas, this does not mean a break from the NEWS of a Fallen Order update, REACTIONS to the new Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla trailer, DEBATING whether we should be excited for video games, and Nick relived his deep love of the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign. Welcome… to the desert… of the real.