TGO Show #14 – Lock S-Foils

While Nick impatiently waits for The Last of Us Part II, he plays a variety of games to keep his mind occupied. The goldilocks gamer on the other hand gets up-to-date on all things Destiny 2. Another GUESS WHO’S REVIEW, DEBATE about timed exclusives, and NEWS of a brand new Star Wars game keeps us focussed for this week’s show. So without further ado, we hope you enjoy the show. Let the challenge…begin.

TGO Show #13 – Play Has No Limits

We’re finally here ladies and gentlemen. Last night (at time of writing) we all witnessed the global reveal for the PlayStation 5. Yes, it’s real. Yes, it’s mainly white. And yes, PlayStation showed off some fantastic looking games. But don’t worry, we still fit in the NEWS of the Destiny 2 2022 roadmap, J’s turn of GUESS WHO’S REVIEW, and what we’ve been playing. But it’s all about the next-gen news and rightfully so. Very exciting times people.