TGO Show #15 – Old Dog, New Tricks

Your friendly neighbourhood Nic and the Goldilocks gamer J, as always, have a lot to talk about this week. It’s an especially busy week because of the NEWS of Crash 4, the Cyberpunk Night City event, and an equivalent Avengers breakdown. We not only cover all of that, but discuss why NAUGHTY DOG is one of the best game developers – possibly the GOAT. We DEBATE whether gamers are loyal to developers the same way film fans are loyal to Directors or Writers, and GUESS WHO’S REVIEW!!! WE’LL BE BACK.

TGO Show #6 – Nick Finished Fallen Order

J and Nick have been very busy playing games over the last week or so, and in a mad dash of love Nick has got every achievement for Jedi: Fallen Order whilst J has finished FFXIII for the first time ever. We speculate on Bethesda’s and Rockstar’s release schedule over the next few years and we talk about one of the most overlooked games of last generation. Oh, and we answer Mark’s email on our favourite gaming moments of all-time. THE TGO SHOW!!