TGO Show #38 – Memorable Xbox Exclusives?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 at the moment. So Nic takes this opportunity to speak to J (someone who has completed his first playthrough of the game) to clarify how bad exactly the Series X version is from his perspective. In the meantime, Nic platinumed Ghost of Tsushima, and we go through the games to keep an eye on revealed at the Game Awards.

TGO Show #35 – Xmas Games 2020

The next-gen is officially the worst next-gen console launch of all-time. We discuss the latest alongside more cyberpunk (surprise surprise) and valhalla. Death to all ye oppose.

TGO Show #24 – The Rock Has Moved

We finally, finally know what Rocksteady is working on – AND IT’S NOT COMING OUT UNTIL 2022!!!! Well, at least we have Black Myth: Wukong to speculate over, a brand new Ghost of Tsushima mode to gush over, and a productive conversation on comparing games. Here we go.

TGO Show #18 – Our Summer Gaming Plans

Important update on Nic’s half – he platinumed Part II. In the meantime, J has been pumping himself up for Ghost of Tsushima. Oh, and you get J’s first impression before the NEWS this week. Don’t worry, we break down the UBISOFT FORWARD event as well, and J provides some more FUN FACTS, TECH TIME on our lack of external hardrives, and our plans this year for SUMMER GAMING. Mmmmmwah.

TGO Show #10 – Nintendo Gets Away With Murder

J has finished his grand Odyssey whilst Nick perseveres through and tries out his first recent mobile game. The NEWS of a Fallout 76 2020 Roadmap, an Anthem development update and AC: Valhalla’s size provides plenty to discuss. We REACT to the Ghost of Tsushima State of Play, and of course, we DEBATE how Nintendo gets away with murder. Welcome… my lords…. to Isengard.