TGO Show #36 – The Calm Before The Robots

A lot of you out there are waiting for something. Waiting for something which you thought was inevitable, and yet, it disappeared from your reach over and over. Until now, where a few days from writing, J, and millions of you around the world will finally play… Cyberpunk 2077.

TGO Show #34 – Next-Gen Hype Dead

An exciting time my friends. J gives us his first impressions of the Series X and Valhalla, and we discuss the, frankly, ancient games that Nic has been playing in the meantime. Question is, has the hype already gone for next-gen?

TGO Show #33 – Xbox Sold Em’ All

For better or worse, Nic didn’t get a Series X, and it isn’t looking like he’ll get one before Christmas. But that’s okay. And even better, the Mass Effect remaster finally got announced. Rejoice for J as he plays the most anticipated games of the year in the next few weeks on his brand new Xbox and his new TV he’s worked hard to have at launch!

TGO Show #29 – Remembering the PlayStation

J and Nic go through more NEWS stories this week than a sheep eats grass, but that’s okay ladies and gentlemen because we take some time out to remember one of the most important game consoles of all-time. The original, the first, the one that began it all (kind of). The PlayStation.

TGO Show #28 – Memorable Launch Games

There is still a lot of uncertainty around pre-orders for next-gen at the moment. So while we ponder from the sidelines and talk about what our next few weeks will look like gaming wise, J and Nic discuss memorable launch titles. Which, I’ve gotta be honest, is an awesome topic.