TGO Show #35 – Xmas Games 2020

The next-gen is officially the worst next-gen console launch of all-time. We discuss the latest alongside more cyberpunk (surprise surprise) and valhalla. Death to all ye oppose.

TGO Show #34 – Next-Gen Hype Dead

An exciting time my friends. J gives us his first impressions of the Series X and Valhalla, and we discuss the, frankly, ancient games that Nic has been playing in the meantime. Question is, has the hype already gone for next-gen?

TGO Show #33 – Xbox Sold Em’ All

For better or worse, Nic didn’t get a Series X, and it isn’t looking like he’ll get one before Christmas. But that’s okay. And even better, the Mass Effect remaster finally got announced. Rejoice for J as he plays the most anticipated games of the year in the next few weeks on his brand new Xbox and his new TV he’s worked hard to have at launch!