TGO Show #18 – Our Summer Gaming Plans

Important update on Nic’s half – he platinumed Part II. In the meantime, J has been pumping himself up for Ghost of Tsushima. Oh, and you get J’s first impression before the NEWS this week. Don’t worry, we break down the UBISOFT FORWARD event as well, and J provides some more FUN FACTS, TECH TIME on our lack of external hardrives, and our plans this year for SUMMER GAMING. Mmmmmwah.

TGO Show #9 – J and Nick Adore Odyssey

Welcome to the biggest TGO Show yet. Amongst the NEWS that there’s many summer festival virtual gaming events coming soon, REACTIONS to some surprising remakes from Activision, and an impressive Unreal Engine 5 demo, J and Nick have been busy falling in love with Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey.